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Kristi Andress
Kristi Andress brand is a team of wife and husband who design for a person faithfull to his principles, style and opinion. Kristina always watched nature, for she knew, that forms, polished in the course of millions of years of evolution, are perfect. Andrius believed that everything can be calculated , and beauty is a particular formula, the discovery of which will bring the golden age to create something that the world has never seen before. Kristi Andress collection is a distinct story. Every garment is part of that story. Beauty and technology. Taste and precise calculations. We create the nature. Kristi Andress woman respects classical traditions, but is also a romantic and a dreamer at the same time. Lightness and softness contrast with sharpness and clean lines. Kristi Andress well known fashion brand in Lithuania. Their mission is to offer original designs and techniques in handcrafting traditions by paying attention to the aesthetics of the garment both inside and out.
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Kristi Andress Black Story Of Love Pencil Tulle Skirt
From $350.00 - $420.00
Kristi Andress Black Living With Love Tulle Crop Top
From $350.00 - $420.00
Kristi Andress Blush Words Puzzle Skirt
Kristi Andress White Short Sleeve Poker Face T-shirt With Leather Applique
Kristi Andress Grey Retro Check Embroidered Prince Of Wales Jacket
Kristi Andress Grey Grosgrain Bow Knee Length Dress
Kristi Andress Grey Handkerchief Skirt
Kristi Andress White Kristi Andress Logo T-shirt

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