Different kind of diffuser

Raimonda Childress

Posted on November 20 2019

Different kind of diffuser

Aren't you bored of stick like diffusers? Want something more elegant and unique for the home?

Cote Noire is a brand that designs beautiful life-like flowers, and infuses them with luxurious scents of perfume from France. All scented flowers are intricately hand crafted and individually signed off by the flower designer to give each piece a personalized touch. Each flower arrangement comes with it's own spray that mimics the scent of the flower itself, making it not only realistic on the eyes, but to your senses as well. All wrapped up and prepared in a gorgeous gift box! 

You can wash it to get the dust off, spray it as often as you like depends on intensity of the aroma you prefer!

Your home will look chic, elegant and smell like a french garden!  

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