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Jewelry and Accessories

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Demarson Pearl Luna Earrings
Demarson Pave Crystal Luna Gold Convertible Earrings
Elisabetta Franchi Ivory/Cinnamon Hoop Earrings
Theia Jewelry White Gold Diamond dust Tear Drop Hoops
Theia Jewelry Gun metal Petite Plumeria Open Bangle with micro pave zirkonia
Elisabetta Franchi Black Chain Earrings
Elisabetta Franchi Aquamarine Pendant Earrings with Star
Elisabetta Franchi Peony Pink Heart Shaped Earrings
Theia Jewelry Gun metal Triple Single Row bracelet
Theia Jewelry White gold Triple Single row bracelet
Theia Jewelry Rose Gold Triple Single row bracelet
Theia Jewelry Gold Diamond Dust Tear Drop Hoops
Elisabetta Franchi Black Belt with Bow and Gold Buckle
Elisabetta Franchi Ivory Flat Brimmed Hat with Embroidery
Elisabetta Franchi Ivory Green Hair Band
Elisabetta Franchi Ivory/cinnamon Sphere Earrings
Elisabetta Franchi Peacock/black Earrings with Petals

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