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Cote Noire

Cote Noire

The Cote Noire collection takes the best elements from around the world and combines them into beautiful and luxurious products. Cote Noire is a collection of luxurious but affordable perfumed french candles, diffusers and silk flower diffusers. All of the perfumes originate from France - renowned for having the finest fragrances available. The nine fragrances take inspiration from the provincial countryside with each striving to capture a portrait of French life. All of the products are phosphate free, nitrate fee and do not contain Nonylphenols.

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Cote Noire Ivory Herringbone Candle with silk scarf and Bee lid
Cote Noire Blue Herringbone Candle with Silk scarf and Dragonfly on the lid
Cote Noire Black Herringbone Candle with Silk Scarf and Bee on the lid
Cote Noire Pink Herringbone Candle with silk scarf and Pink Rose lid
Cote Noire Red Seven Rose Bouquet in a gold Goblet
Cote Noire Pink Roses Bouquet Flower Diffuser in Oval Vase
Cote Noire Blush 7 Rose bouquet diffuser in Silver Vase
Cote Noire Pink Single Rose Diffuser
Cote Noire Peach French Rose Real Touch Flower Diffuser

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