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Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Lauren was born in a small English town where she rejoiced in drawing from an early age. Even as a child her sketches would reveal an array of imaginative and dreamlike scenarios.

Seduced by the obscure and the beautiful, Lauren studied Fashion Design where she trained in the discipline of crafting by hand. She was soon recognized for her creative talents and accepted apprenticeships with esteemed fashion houses; Mary Katrantzou and Hussein Chalayan. Before long, a revered position at Alexander McQueen had beckoned. Here, Lauren flourished and practiced the art of storytelling through objects & clothing.

Lauren was inspired by the transformative qualities of beautiful clothes. She would watch intently as the stylists mixed the various garments to create a look so sublime, that it was comparable only to art. Lauren wondered whether this same interactive & artistic experience could be applied to objects within the home. After all, shouldn’t art and dreams be a part of everyday living?

And so, with a pen in her hand and a dream in her heart she pursued on a quest to create beautiful objects that would elevate any room into a whimsical & artistic experience. After months of drawing, drafting, deliberation & dreaming (and countless cups of tea) her first creation was finally born and she named it; The Creation of Madam.

We didn't invent the scented candle, but we have strived to elevate it to a whole new & expressive level.

Read on to discover the extraordinary labour of love behind our much adored Moody Muse scented candle collection...

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Lauren Dickinson Clarke Punk scented candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Peacemaker scented candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Performer Scented Candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Provocateur Scented Candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Punk Mini Muse Candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Prankster Mini Muse Candle
Lauren Dickinson Clarke Performer - Mini Muse Candle

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