Raimonda Childress

Posted on March 19 2019


Like in a dream , the Elisabetta Franchi  woman walks in a magical and surreal dimension where the rules are changed and time and space don't exist, giving life to a fantastic game. It's this dreamlike dimension that inspires the new Spring/Summer '19 collection where imagination and inspiration blend with reality. 

In dreams everything is distorted . Traditional elements take unconventional and extravagant shapes: prints recall colored skies with light reflections enhanced by plastic materials combined with fabrics; color explodes in a lively palette, coming to life through embroideries that create a play of nuances like an explosion of fireworks. Maxi sequins with almost fluorescent colors conjure a shower of colored confetti; tulle flounces create showy volumes. Classic tweed is combined with denim with painted chains that mesh with naplak and all-over prints that evoke childhood games. 

Bougainvillea, peony, pollen and aquamarine are the colors featured in this playful dimension, where the dreaming woman lives in harmony with her carefree spirit!

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