Bombay Duck London

At BOMBAY DUCK we believe in...

KINDNESS – to our customers, staff, suppliers and the planet

HAPPY HOMEWARES – Through our design process, our ideas are carefully considered with time for experimentation, innovation, and fine tuning, we obsess over the details until it is just right, no short cuts and no compromises

INDIA - working in India with small producers is not the easiest way to pursue your passions, it is complicated, frustrating and sometimes a little crazy, but utterly wonderful

GIVING BACK – whenever we find the need, from education of our worker’s  children, a laborer's healthcare or feeding people in a crisis.  We support different charities through the year and match all donations, look out for our charity projects

DELIVERING DELIGHT – Spreading joy, peace and pompoms to help make your world a little more colorful

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Bombay Duck London Bloomsbury Mug with gold monogram
Bombay Duck London Monte Carlo Stripy Mug
Bombay Duck London Blush Stripes Portofino Good Morning Gorgeous Mug
Bombay Duck London Miss Darcy Butterfly Mug

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