In The Mood For Love


 A passion to dress up. A passion to dress down. A passion to dance. In The Mood For Love is all about passion.

 It was founded in 2017 by fashion designer Banu Bora Mumcu and interior designer Rezzan Benardete. Two women with highly sophisticated backgrounds and well appreciated success stories. Two sharp minds full of ideas, all bright as the sequins. It was their desire to convey the feeling of love through their collections. Thus they created quite a team and embarked upon another brand journey destined to thrive.


 In The Mood for Love is a clash between boudoir dressing and haute fashion for one's self. It is unapologetically laid back, yet assertively party-minded. Here, the undeniable decadence of rich materials including signature silks and sequins is combined with meticulous haute detailing. Exuding a contemporary fun-loving attitude, this resonates with leading influencers and buyers alike. These dresses are designed for daring characters. These women don’t shy away from the limelight, they radiate it.

 Along its supply chain, In The Mood for Love is proud to support local women, respect their labor and motivate them to contribute to the economy. And it has no tolerance for fur or any other animal cruelty.


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In The Mood For Love Black silver striped knotted front Jenya Shirt
In The Mood For Love Ivory silver striped linen knotted Jenny shirt
In The Mood For Love Silver soft sequin Bunny mini dress with satin bows
In The Mood For Love Black soft sequin pencil skirt with lacing detail
In The Mood For Love Ivory silver stripe knotted linen maxi Dress

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