Cote Noire

Red Couture 9 Roses diffuser in square black vase with gold badge



This beautiful life-like 9 Rose Bud arrangement in square black vase with gold Badge has been set in a gel infused with fine fragrance.

Each flower is skilfully hand crafted & uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a natural touch & appearance.

Each bouquet has been infused with a fine fragrance and you can spray the petals with the perfume provided to enhance the scent.

All our arrangements are made by hand every step of the way.
The special gel formula is hand poured, and each flower stem is cut to size and arranged by one of our passionate floral designers. The flower arrangement is then perfumed by hand, individually checked & finally hand boxed.

Côte Noire arrangement is made from a true work of art and craftsmanship, demonstrating a high attention to detail & care for you to enjoy at home.

Finished off in a beautiful packaged Cote Noire box with Ribbon.

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