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Rosso Nobile home fragrance diffuser 250ml



Rosso Nobile is one of the most unique fragrances in the world. It is the true essence of Tuscany. Let the senses indulge in the aroma of a fine Tuscan red wine made from sublime accords of orange blossom, strawberry, wild berries, oak and birch woods.



It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing; close your eyes, clear your mind and imagine a vineyard or wine shop in the Chianti hills. With the Rosso Nobile fragrance, you can recreate that unique and relaxing touch of Tuscan magic in your living spaces.


Olfactory Pyramid
  • Orang, Orange Blossom, Violet
  • Strawberry, Wild Berrie
  • Birch and Oak Wood

The fine and harmonious notes of orange, orange blossom, violet, strawberry, wild berries, birch wood, and oak preserved by Rosso Nobile allude to the barrels of Tuscan red wines celebrated all over the world.


It is very important to use all the sticks that are provided with the fragrance.

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