How to pack light for travel?

Raimonda Childress

Posted on October 10 2019

How to pack light for travel?
When it comes to travel we always  face a dilemma of what to pack , how many shoes, dinner outfits, every day outfits, how much it weighs etc.  My philosophy on packing is very simple:  pick the pieces that don't wrinkle and it could be used for fancy outings or for a regular day. These days when the high fashions  focus on more sporty looks it becomes easier to look chic , trendy and comfortable at the same time. For example take joggers or leggings: if you wear it with high heels and put leather jacket or longer  boyfriend jacket - you will look chic immediately. You wear the same joggers or leggings with sneakers during the day shopping or doing touristy things - you will look casual and comfortable. Pick a non-wrinkly, stretchy  (usually knit material) and comfortable dress or skirt that looks good with high heels and with flats as well. Everything depends on how you pair pieces and put together the outfit.  Take a look at some examples!
  When I think about my shoes- first comes comfort and then looks. I usually pack one pair of high heel pumps of nude color (goes with everything) , comfy sneakers and a pair of flip flops or flat sandal if weather and season is appropriate. For cold weather one pair of boots and sneakers. Be creative with your choices! Enjoy!

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