How to sparkle everyday without feeling overdressed!

Raimonda Childress

Posted on October 03 2019

How to sparkle everyday without feeling overdressed!

You have to admit that when you put something sparkly on - you feel enchanted and special! Maybe its because of fairy tales that our moms told us when we were little girls or maybe just because the sparkle reminds us of sunny days full of sunshine!

Unfortunately we assume that sparkles we can wear for evening affair or special event! Let's burst this bubble! 

I'll show you the ways how you can wear sparkle every day and don't feel overdressed! If you integrate simple T-shirt with a sparkly skirt or jean , leather or professional jacket than immediately you will have every day look - a little upgraded every day look! Wear it with sneakers, cowboy boots or a sweater - that will give you m,ore options for every day  outfits! Enjoy! 


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