Jump into the Autumn with fresh wardrobe

Raimonda Childress

Posted on September 16 2020

Jump into the Autumn with fresh wardrobe

In a world made up of people in a million different nuances, in her Fall/Winter 20-21 collection, Elisabetta Franchi is telling a story in which women are protagonists; creatures that, with their thoughts and actions, have led us to prefer an imaginary world of individual personalities in shades of pink.

The designer communicates the uniqueness and strength of the female universe through the color, using a palette made of soft shades on a path of different but recognizable women, unveiling their authentic nature.

"This collection is about a girl who dreams of being a princess, a modern princess", said Elisabetta Franchi.

Sparkly fringes, rose gold sequins and piles of pleated and teared tulle are definitely profound details on Twenties flapper style micro minis, ballgowns, corset, halter and cropped tops, evening suits and sheer dresses. This sexy feminine style is more Sophia Loren than Audrey Hepburn.

But the designer is also smart enough to know that a modern woman- and especially an up-to-date princess -needs to make way for tailoring in her rose-tinted closet, so she served up some beautiful pieces made at the company's headquarters in Milan. A wool safari jacket cinched with a wide belt and paired with fringe sequin pencil skirt, a princess inspired animal print in a shade of pink dress, or lace ruffled blouse - present different brand of femininity. 

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