Micro Bag Trend

Raimonda Childress

Posted on August 27 2020

Micro Bag Trend

High chance you are already familiar with the mini bag trend. But for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 the bags are getting even smaller. It cannot even fit your phone, maybe only lipstick, mint or a key to one air pod. The realist might ask: what is the point of a very, very small bag when function is out of the question? Well, you have to look at it as an accessory, as a necklace of some sort, or a wrist embellishment, or ornament to add funkiness to your classic tote, or another addition to your belt, like a lucky charm. 

From historical perspective some might argue that a bag's size is indicative of status: the smaller the bag, the more it functions only as a form of ornamentation, implying that you have help who carry your necessities. 

You might like it or not, but it's a look. It will be for several years. It's progressing to different shapes and forms, making it more like a charm look. But it's smart investment. And you can pick and choose what style and form you like! 

Express yourself!

With love- 




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