Cristina Barros

Focused on the female segment, the brand is distinguished by the extreme quality of the “Made in Portugal” exemplary materials and manufacturing processes, in addition the design of the pieces to privilege the woman who likes to live fashion regardless of the various stages of her life.

Quality, excellence and attention to detail.

Quality, the art of know-how and experience in haute couture: these values are behind the entire Cristina Barros collection, for a luxurious style that has become the new standard in the fashion world. From research to the study of materials and fabrics and the creation of carefully detailed prototypes, all stages of the production of each item are carried out in the city of Trofa brand headquarters.

Innovative ideas are turned into reality by experts, in a continuous dialogue inspired by the passion for excellence. At the heart of all collections, there is a constant improvement in suitability and superior attention to detail, resulting in the highest quality clothing and accessories, characterized by sophisticated elegance, which is a true symbol of "From Portugal".
Thanks to the evolution of the brand and the careful attention in the choice of materials, Cristina Barros has become a brand that defends the slow fashion movement, creating timeless pieces, capable of maintaining a class contemporary and permanent style.

Also animal rights have not been forgotten, and the use of animal fur and feathers in their productions is totally prohibited.

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Cristina Barros White flare jeans
Cristina Barros Coral flower print shirt
Cristina Barros Coral ankle pants with slit
Cristina Barros Aqua seersucker maxi dress

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